petak, 22. listopada 2010.

Medications - Completely Removed

Medications are the current incarnation of the legendary Washnigton, DC band Faraquet, a band that fueled a lot of fresh ideas into the post-hardcore idiom of their local scene, making them one of the staples of what is today known as math-rock. This is their second album under this name and they've got a batch of songs that shows their old vibrant math rock recipe spiced up with tight songcraft, angular rhythms, guitar lines and melodies that round up in arrangments that manage to be catchy while they're complex and intricate. Their poppiest and probably most accessible record to date, without watering down the brew. :) 

For fans of: Fugazi, Q and Not U, Faraquet (duh), Pretty Girls Make Graves, math rock, post-hardcore, DC scene 

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